Chris Brown
Updated video here:
Mhykyll Miranda
sound works but video doesn't appear what will i do? please help,
petrelis Bernelis
Giving away free invites, PM me to get some.
Can't play video on chrome...unable to click play button or any button as 
they are not functional ...any suggestion
Chris Brown
Ok guys. Like my facebook page and watch out for my updated video showing 
you how to watch all the following on your laptop or home computer: barwo,, etc...
craig watters
Hey Chris, seems like there is a few of us having the same problem. Works 
fine right up till you need to press the play icon but its turns grey and 
wont let me click on it. Any suggestions what might be causing it? thanks
Thanks Chris. Great work man
Chris Brown
Hi there. I have never encountered the error mentioned and have re 
installed the extension multiple times. 
avrumi goldstein
on chrome it doesnt let me press the play button it just disappears and all 
is left is a black screen? any suggestions??
Shantel Chabikwa
The link to you Facebook isn't working, it just keeps sending me to my home 
page on Facebook. Could you email me the invite to
what if it says crx error or something like that? 
Daniel Singh
Chris Brown
Check my facebook page for the link. Don't forget to like ;-)
waqas ali
u the man!!! 
Chris Brown
Hi there, Check in the video description for a link to my facebook page. 
Chris Brown
I show you how in the video. Did you watch it? 
Chris Brown
Hi guys visit my facebook page for details of how to get invites.
Chris Brown
Hi Guys, is back and my new video allows you to view Movies on 
your PC. Check it out: watch?v=lMmfHby-VEc
Celeste Palacios
This has been a great help! Thanks! 
Danny Shah
Same problem but still works
mine cant play, i cant press the play button
I want to select iphone 4 but it's not letting me
Yolanda Gonzalez
Can u please send me the invitation to pleaseeeeee my email is,
Chris Brown
Hi Xavier, I have not been able to replicate this error. At which point do 
you receive it?
Chris Brown
Hi Craig. I've been meaning to look into this for a while now. I'll update 
the video as soon as I find a work around.
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